Avoid eBay: PS5s are in stock at Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon 2023-02-22 20:01:06

The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

Stop! Don’t buy an overpriced PS5 from an eBay scalper! The PS5 Disc Edition is available right now at Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon. As part of a bundle with God of War Ragnarök you can get the system for $560. The dark times of bots buying and reselling the console are finally over. Check it out at one of the three big tech retailers below.

Why you should buy the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is a truly high-end games console. Its design is a little divisive and certainly huge but underneath that distinctive hood is some super powerful hardware. The console is able to load many of the best PS5 games in seconds and there are plenty to choose from. The bundle deals currently available all include God of War Ragnarok but there’s no shortage of options for other games. Titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and The Last of Us Part I look gorgeous on the system while there are quirky titles like Stray to captivate you too. The Callisto Protocol will hook survival horror fans while Returnal is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge.

As mentioned, there’s also the PlayStation VR2 on its way later this month. If you want the most immersive gaming experience, you’re going to love what this has to offer. Games like Resident Evil Village and Gran Turismo 7 have never felt so immersive until now.

Even if you decide not to buy the PS VR2, you’ll love the PlayStation 5. Hooked up to your TV, it’s a great media machine as well as gaming device. The new DualSense controller feels great thanks to refined haptic feedback. The only thing we’d recommend is to snap up one of the best SSDs for PS5 to go alongside your much sought-after PlayStation 5.

Previously, you might have been stuck buying a PS5 from eBay, Facebook marketplace or other potentially dubious sources. Those days are finally behind us and you can snag a PS5 from Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart without having to queue or wait. If you’ve been waiting to buy the latest Sony console, this is your chance. You can buy it with God of War Ragnarok for $559.

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