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PlayStation Plus Gift Card 3-Month for UNITED STATES


Platform: PlayStation Network
Region: United States

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What is PlayStation Plus:
PlayStation Plus Gift Card is a paid subscription service from PlayStation which gives members two PS4 games to download every month, as well as access to online multiplayer gaming, exclusive discounts from PlayStation Store, 100 GB of cloud storage for game saves and bonus content such as skins and in-game items for free-to-play games like Fortnite.

What are this month’s PS Plus games:
Each month you’ll get two games to download as part of your PS Plus membership, which you can play for as long as you remain a member. Find out what this month’s games are Here.

How do I cancel PS Plus:
You can cancel your PS Plus membership at any time. You’ll continue to be a member until the end of your current paid period, at which time your subscription will end and you will lose access to any games downloaded as part of PS Plus, as well as online multiplayer access. Visit our Help and Support section for instructions on how to cancel.

Do I need PS Plus to play Fortnite:
Fortnite and other free-to-play games such as Apex Legends, World of Tanks and Spellbreak are free to download and play online.


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